Printing Specifications

File Types
For quick, hassle-free file submissions, we recommend all orders be submitted in high quality Adobe® PDF format. You may create your publication using any software program as long as the finished file is converted to PDF format. Most software applications have a built-in utility that will create a pdf file. Please review the TechKnow Lesson: Creating a PDF for more information.

If you are unable to create a PDF, we will accept native Mac or PC files created with the following programs:

  • Adobe® InDesign
  • Adobe® PageMaker 6.5 or 7.0
  • Quark® XPress 5 - 7

If you do not have access to design software, you may use My Design Online, our free online design program. Check out My Design Online located under the Resources tab for complete details.

Non-PDF Files
If you are not submitting a PDF file, all the fonts and images used in the publications must be submitted along with the document files. If your file has missing fonts or images every effort will be made to resolve these issues. Missing fonts could cause the text, images and layout of your publication to print differently than you expect. To avoid these potential frustrations, please ensure all fonts and images are included with each file submission.

The easiest way to be sure that you send everything properly is to use your software program's internal packaging feature. (Adobe InDesign: File>Package, Quark Xpress: File >Collect for Output). Please see TechKnow Lesson: Internal Packaging for more information.

Organizing files before designing each issue will ensure proper file collection. Please see TechKnow Lesson: Setup and Organization for more information.

All orders should be submitted with filenames as follows:SchoolInitialsZipCodeIssueDate e.g. JPS35217Aug2008

print specifications